It's not if but when.


Teaching teens how effectively manage their sexual curiosity while navigating through the game of sex.


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In-depth blogs, books, and courses teaching teens how to manage their sexual curiosities, stay sexually pure and avoid being defeated in the game of sex. 

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Girl, You're Not Ready!

‘Girl, You’re Not Ready’ is a no-nonsense, straightforward guide that helps teens become familiar with every tactic, motive, method, trick, tool, pickup line, excuse, explanation, cause, motivation, scenario, incentive, defense, objective and/or reason another player might use to get them participate in outercourse sports. This is done by breaking down the Game of Sex as well as Wait Game. The guide also helps students establish Wait Goals. The goal is to help teens understand that it’s not that they’ll NEVER get to experience outercourse and/or sex, because they will. It’s just about knowing WHEN and being sure they know WITH WHOM.  This book also serves as a companion guide to the Outercourse Curriculum for parents and educators.

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Teaching parents how to have that awkward conversation.

Abstinology™ Coaching is specialized support coaching designed to teach parents and educators how to teach students how to wait to have sex until marriage by coaching students how not to play the Game of Sex.


This extensive Outercourse Training equips parents and educators with the biblical, social, and urban savvy they’ll need to become Certified Wait Coaches so that they can have those inconvenient conversations about sex. Because it’s not a question of if their student is going to have sex, but when.

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For children, teens, singles, parents and educators

Edgy faith-based education into the origin, purpose, spiritual side-affects and consequences of sex.

It's time to give your head, heart, and hips a break.

A faith-based, revolutionary, online coaching challenge designed to give your head, heart, and hips a rest from all sexual activities for as long as you decide. If you've ever wanted to put a pause on your sex life but didn't know how - this is the challenge for you!

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