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Confrontational Females: What's A Man To Do

I was on the bus the other day and because of the crowdedness, I had to sit in the very back along with a group of high school students; two females, one Black and the other White and one black male. I mention their race only because it will be needed for future reference. Well, if you’ve ever been around teenagers, then you know that they have no concept of their ‘inside voice’ but instead conducted their entire conversation with their outside voice; which resulted in me being privy to their entire conversation. I listened as one of the young ladies quipped about another student; to which the male’s response was highly unusual. You could tell from our previous rides that he was the elder of the three, because he often spoke authoritatively and even bucked a few drivers on a few occasions. However on this ride, he told the young ladies not to speak poorly about their absent classmate.