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Four Girls on a Poster

On my way to church today, I saw a poster of four girls who were missing. Though I prayed for their safe return, I actually took the time to really think about their situation because I too once went missing. Only they didn’t call it missing back in the day; I just ran away. Not saying that this applies to all those girls, but surely some weren’t kidnapped or taken against their will. Like me, lust made them leave or a desire for quick cash. I use the term lust because they were lusting when they mistakenly thought they were in love. Whomever these ‘guys’ or even ‘chicks’ were, made them believe they’d have to leave home to start their new lives together. Unfortunately, once out of state, they found out that the love of their life was a tennis shoe or gorilla pimp in the making, or even worse, a real-life sex trafficker.