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Reckless Love

Keith Moore, Pastor of Faith Life Church teaches that as Christians, we should be more mindful of how we use the word love. He said that we’re not supposed to say we love food, clothes, music and such, but that we enjoy them. We should love people and enjoy things. But far too often I hear people say they love pizza, purses, and all types of things they can purchase. Those same people will even often boast of how they love someone. They’ll say things like, “I just love so-and-so celebrity” or “I just love that about them!” Whenever I hear that, I immediately wonder if they really do or if they’re just saying that. I think what they really meant to say is that they like or admire a certain characteristic they possess. And though they’re probably using the words “I love” because it’s the popular thing to say, their mind and spirit may have a hard time differentiating between the two and begin to think, “Oh, we love them?” which could result in some sort of emotional or romantic attachment. This is why if you’re not careful, you can confuse adoration, admiration and appreciating someone with being in love. Just because you find an endearing or adorable characteristic about someone, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in love. And if you’d train yourself to watch how you use the word love, your heart will follow.