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Abstinology™ is the comprehensive biblical study of sex, abstinence and sexual purity. It is an in-depth exploration into the origin, purpose, and intricacies of sex with an emphasis on the non-penetrative activities known as outercourse. The goal of the course is not to dissuade students from having sex, because inevitably they will. The objective of our courses is to ensure that both teen and adult students understand the purpose, spiritual side effects and the mathematics behind it.

As opposed to taking the traditional approach to sexual abstinence, our school promotes the practice of waiting. Waiting, as in not engaging in sex or any outercourse activities. But instead of telling our students that they can't have sex until marriage, we simply teach our students when they can. Because it's not a matter of if they'll have sex, but when.


Our job, as Abstinologists™,  is to create an environment that encourages students to think critically about when and with whom they should participate in both outer and intercourse activities. Therefore, we offer several Wait Management™ courses which teaches our students about sexual arousal, how to manage their sexual curiosities and how to establish and/or re-establish their sexual standards. 

We also offer Wait Coaching™ Certification Courses. Our Wait Coaching Certification Program is a bold, edgy and masterful course that teaches girl dad's and single mom's how to have that awkward and inconvenient conversation. The course gives parents the opportunity to see their daughter’s sexuality from a coaching perspective so as not to lose sight of the intended goal which is to have open and honest conversations about sex. Because it shouldn't just be a sex talk, but several talks throughout their adolescence about sex.


We also provide Wait Shops which are onsite, facilitated workshops for youth ministries and we're currently developing a faith-based Teen Bible Study which merges pop culture, music, and what the Bible has to say about sex. 

We also provide Abstinology @ Homeresources. Our age-appropriate, faith-based, online sex education Abstinology @ HomeeCourses, books, and journals are perfect for K-12 homeschoolers. Generally, homeschoolers don't encounter face-to-face sexual pressure from their peers, which was why it was important for our courses to cover various sexual scenarios so as to equip homeschoolers with the information, biblical knowledge, and edge they'll need to effectively manage their sexual curiosity, both @ and away from home. 

We also offer Wait Consulting where we partner with churches and organizations to develop customizable content and curriculum while also assisting in training ministerial staff in Abstinology. Summarily, we also offer Ask-a-Abstinologist for blogs, podcasts, panels, television, and radio audiences where we answer hot topic questions about sex, dating, marriage prep, waiting and Sexual Sabbaticals.

Sabbatical, taken from the Hebrew, shabbat or Sabbath, is a rest or a break from a certain activity often lasting two months to a year. A Sexual Sabbatical™ is a break from all sexual activities and is designed to give our students heads, hearts, and hips a rest from all sexual activities for as long as they see fit.  This course helps students prepare a well-planned temporary retirement from sex while helping them set sexual goals and re-establish sexual standards.

Lastly, our one-of-a-kind Wait Books, for teens and adults, offer instruction in sexual orientation, sexual arousal and messaging, dating, and provides practical tidbits on the intent, tactics, and tricks players use in the game of sex.


To sign up for a course or to check out our library, click here, or if you'd like to schedule a consultation, feel free to give us a call at (214)554-6459 during normal business hours. We'd love to hear from you and look forward to providing you with faith-based resources that answer questions Christians have about sex.



Before I founded the School of Abstinology I worked in performance management. Apart of my responsibility included managing a multi million-dollar servicing portfolio along with monitoring and evaluating the performance of some 50+ direct reports which often included coaching and if need be, corrective action. That experience, combined with my former sexual addiction, led me to start Wait Coaching.​

Wait Coaching is specialized support coaching for women of faith desiring to retire from the game of sex. Just as Financial Advisors 'use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans for their clients,' as your Wait Coach, I'll do the same. Only I'll help you set sexual goals, standards, and prepare a well-planned temporary exit from the game of sex; all while holding you accountable for your sexual behavior.

Along with my award-winning professional experience, I've also authored a wait book for women entitled, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life During, Before, and the Aftermath of Sex’, two hard-hitting books for singles entitled, ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right’ and ‘Girl, Get Ready: Your Future Husband is Coming!’, and a prayer guide entitled, ‘119 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives’. I've also served as an Abstinence Workshop Facilitator, written Outercourse Education Curriculum for parents entitled, 'Outersex Education for Dad's' and 'Outersex Education for Mom's' along with a companion playbook for tweens and teens entitled, ‘Girl, You’re Not Ready!’, coined the term  Abstinology and founded the School of Abstinology™.

As a former sex addict, I understand the difficulty of leaving a highly pleasurable and profitable sex life. But after 19 years of sexual abstinence, I also understand what it takes to temporarily retire from the game of sex. Throughout that time, I've gained an appreciation for men, understand the dynamics of how to treat an alpha male and obtained a level of sexual mastery that most Sex Counselors, Therapists and Dating Coaches don't have. My no-nonsense coaching approach coupled with my faith-based arsenal of spiritually dope books provides the accountability you'll need to plan your sexual sabbatical so that you can leave a swipe right type of life! Ready to take a course?